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Values of Our Founding Fathers
by Andrew T. Womble

The United States of America was founded by a group of men who were far removed from their ancestors' form of government. The Pilgrims left Europe in search of religious freedom. One hundred years later, a collection of men assembled and created the world's second most perfect document – The US Constitution.

This written body of work was based on the teachings and direction of the Bible. The Ten Commandments were the cornerstone. Our founding fathers believed that these rules, written by God's own hand, were laws to live by, not mere suggestions. Their clear intent was to establish a republic with the people – not a monarchy in charge of everyday life. The rights to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" are endowed by our creator, not King George of Great Britain or the President
of the United State.

Many painstaking hours were spent debating the merits of each amendment to this constitution. Each and every word had meaning. The values, ethics, morals and beliefs of these men were set out within the pages of this document. The final draft, voted on and ratified, was intended to be a clearly-defined set of rules establishing government boundaries and jurisdictions. Very little room was left for interpretation. Our constitution is not a living document open to the whimsical altering of its purpose.

While each amendment defines the rights governing each U.S.citizen, the 10th amendment has taken a beating for some time now. Our founding fathers clearly and distinctly defined exactly what the federal government's role was to be in our society, and "…All others would revert to the states!" What happened? And why have so few screamed to the high heavens about the abuses? I think it's because
"power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely". Men and women with the greatest and purest of intentions head to Washington,
D.C. and are immediately soiled with "the way things are done here".

"ObamaCare" is but the latest example of abuse of power. Our constitution does not grant the right to healthcare, especially when it's to be given to non-citizens, in government- mandated expenditures, and done under the guise of a "tax", wherein IRS agents can be utilized for enforcement purposes. "Taxation without representation" proved a battle cry once before. The Boston Tea Party began a revolt that led to this great country of ours. There are many "Tea Party" groups forming all across this country today because the values of our founding fathers have been severely trampled upon.

Small government, low taxes, self-reliance, responsibility and prudence were the intent. "Of the people, by the people and for the people" were the values established over 230 years ago. We need to return to those values. The federal government has proven, time and time again, just how reliable, capable and effective they are when running anything. I would only put them in charge of the military, as long as actual military people made the day-to-day decisions. The same would apply to interstate commerce and road maintenance.

Nothing else! The states can and should handle all other aspects of our lives. In addition, I feel that all IRS agents should immediately be converted to border patrol agents. As I see it, Americans should no longer be penalized for working! The income tax would be replaced by a consumption tax, so there would be no need for collection of an income tax.

Congratulations to
Andrew T. Womble of Irving High School on receiving the 2010 Greater Irving Republican Club (GIRC) Scholarship Award

At their monthly meeting on June 1, 2010, the Greater Irving Republican Club (GIRC) awarded one-thousand dollar ($1,000) scholarship to Andrew T. Womble of Irving High School. The scholarship check was presented by Texas State Representative Linda Harper-Brown, J. Oscar Ward, and Erin Perdue. Andrew was also presented a declaration from the State of Texas for his scholarship by Representative Harper-Brown.

Andrew is a senior at Irving High School and participated in Student Council, Vice-President of Community Service, Captain, Golf Team, Class Vice-President, Tiger Guard, and the KIRV Broadcast. He plans to attend Abilene Christian College in the fall and major in History Education.

The requirements for the scholarship were:
• Graduating high school senior
• Citizen resident of Irving
• Cumulative grade point average of
3.0 or better

The applicants were also required to
complete an application that included a teacher recommendation and an original (500 – 600 word) essay entitled "Values of Our Founding Fathers". Members of the GIRC Scholarship Committee included Erin Perdue, Chairman;Oscar Ward, President, GIRC; Brian Perkins, IISD; Don Van Slyke; Mike Ogbeide; Matt Brownfield; Sue Harper; and Jeanine Sissom.

The GIRC plans to continue to award a scholarship each year to students who reside in the city of Irving.

Erin, Oscar, Andrew & Linda

Greeting seniors at College Night