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Taking Back America – Restoring her Freedoms
by Rachel D. Wales
The Highlands School

Americans have been given freedoms which many nations and cultures throughout history could never have dreamed about.  Responsibility, an obvious consequence of these freedoms, is not to be taken lightly.  Citizenship is a duty - one in which we should take pride.  A direct enemy of American freedom is apathy among the citizenry.  The solution to this rising problem lies in teaching and giving an example to the youth of taking pride in their freedom, as opposed to taking advantage of it. 

It seems a harsh statement to conclude that Americans are slowly losing their freedoms because of their own lack of concern and involvement, but in many cases it is true.   A familiar issue to many Americans is the idea of uninformed voters.  “A 1990-91 National Election Study survey indicated that only 57% of voters could correctly identify relative ideological positions of the Republican and Democratic parties.”(1)

Another widely-debated issue is that of abortion.  In 2009, for the first time polls showed that more than 50% of Americans were pro-life, and over 70% of Republicans were pro-life(2), yet state and federal funding of abortions continues to increase!  Even in Texas, only one parent’s consent is needed for a minor’s abortion, and this consent can be bypassed in court and in “emergencies.” 

Apathy among the citizens not only exists with regard to national and state issues, but in the local setting as well.  On November 4, 2008, residents of Irving voted for the third time on whether to allow alcohol sales within the city.  However, although this proposition was soundly defeated the first two times, and most blogs were against it, the percentage of voters who showed up at the polls was small and the law was passed.

American citizens hold opinions on almost every issue in the country, but if no one takes the responsibility to work for these ideals, their freedom is being thrown away.  Citizen apathy allows others to make decisions based on the opinions they have, and those who do nothing have no right to complain.

In order to rid the American citizenry of a lack of interest in their government and restore the freedoms that are rightfully theirs, they need education and example.  Education at home and in school is vital to American society, where children are taught their civic responsibility. They also learn a sense of pride and ownership regarding their freedom as citizens, as well as a love for their country and homeland, which urges them to participate in government and political activities.  Children in school should be taught about the duties of a citizen, such as knowing the principles of American society and community service. Understanding the meaning behind American symbols such as the Flag, the Pledge of Allegiance, and the National Anthem is also vitally important in fostering patriotism and conservative ideals in our youth. 
If they grow up understanding this and become motivated adults, indifference among the citizens can easily be changed to enthusiasm.

When Americans once again realize the impact they can have on their country by actively participating in elections and in their political organizations, thus setting an example of good citizenship, they can restore their freedoms.  By abandoning apathy and taking action and responsibility in an America that belongs to them, American freedoms can be fully lived and restored.  Education, above all, will be the most effective means by which a new generation of Americans will be raised to be dedicated, passionate citizens of this great country.


(1) The National Election Study survey was conducted
by the Survey Research Center, University of Michigan. 
The sample size was 449 and consisted of citizens of
voting age.

(2)    http://www.gallup.com



Congratulations to
Rachel Wales of The Highlands School in Irving on receiving the 2011 Greater Irving Republican Club (GIRC) Scholarship Award

At their monthly meeting on May 3, 2011, the Greater Irving Republican Club (GIRC) awarded a one-thousand dollar ($1,000) scholarship to Rachel Wales who is a
Senior at The Highlands School in Irving.
The scholarship check was presented by
J. Oscar Ward, and Erin Perdue
.She has been accepted and will attend Texas A&M University in the fall majoring in Telecommunications Media.

Rachel has a cumulative GPA of 3.82.  She submitted and recited her essay for the club membership.  Rachel was a member of the Student Council, National Honor Society, Challenge Catholic Girl’s Club, and was Homecoming Queen.  She also participated in varsity track, basketball, choir, drama, community services, and various mission trips.

The college scholarship committee presenting the award consisted of Chairman Erin Perdue, Oscar Ward, Brian Perkins, Don Van Slyke, Scott Gaither, and Mike Ogbeide.  The Greater Irving Republican Club meets the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00PM at Spring Creek Barbecue in Irving.

The requirements for the scholarship were:
• Graduating high school senior
• Resident Citizen of Irving
• Cumulative grade point average of
3.0 or better

The applicants were also required to complete an application that included a teacher recommendation and an original 500 to 600 word essay entitled “Taking Back America, Restoring Her Freedom”.

The GIRC plans to continue to award a scholarship each year to students who reside in the city of Irving.

Erin,Rachel & Oscar

Greeting seniors at College Night at the Jack E. Singley Academy, Fall 2010

Rachel and Family at the 2011 4th of July Parade

Rachel Wales and family at Irving's 2011
Fourh of July parade.