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Scholarship packet


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Our right to bear arms is under attack. What are the consequences to our country if Americans lose their Second Amendment rights?by Erica Peña
Class of 2013

Our nation's identity came to surface when our forefathers stood up with their weapons and fought for our independence which they then preserved in writing so that today ''we the people" can reflect on our history and how we became the great nation that we are.  Due to recent tragedies on American soil, a colossal debate on gun control is in full spectrum which has placed our right to bear arms under attack. I believe that , if we lose our Second Amendment rights, the crime rate and demand for illegal weapons will skyrocket.  Also, the loss of the Second Amendment could cause the economy to suffer. Americans could start losing jobs, retail sales, and the marketing profits that come with the right to bear arms.
Firearms are utilized every day as a means for many Americans to survive.  Not only do they provide entertainment when it comes to shooting or hunting competitions, but they help the economy stay afloat.  The sport of hunting generates more than $67 billion and more than 1 million jobs in America which consists of retail sales, salaries, and wages, while creating sales tax, state income tax, and federal income tax (Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies).  Without the Second Amendment the revenue that is generated from the use of firearms will be slim to none.  This would be a major setback for a country that is trying to come back from a recession.  Many families that have spent their entire lives making a living off of the use of firearms will also suffer, especially those families that reside in rural areas across the country.  These are the same families that provide the produce that is distributed nationwide and use hunting as a way to provide food for their own families.  Their crops, wellbeing, and pursuit of happiness will be at stake because of the dangers that lurk around them if they are not allowed to possess guns.  First responders in rural areas may not always arrive inthe most timely manner due to the vast land that they are responsible for protecting.  Criminals or saboteurs will not feel threatened and they will have the advantage when it comes to stealing from the crops or the families that they belong to.

The argument can be made that rural land owners should be more vigilant of their property, but vigilance can only take you so far when it comes to protecting yourself and your belongings.  Normal citizens do not have the expert training that military men and women or police officers have, so we may not recognize when danger is standing at our front porch.  Often by the time we realize that we are in danger it is too late to call the police for protection, which would make having a firearm within reach crucial when protecting ourselves.  Keeping the right to bear arms will allow us to continue to protect ourselves without the fear of suffering the same consequences that our attacker may face. Unfortunately, as seen in the cases of Columbine, Aurora, and most recently Sandy Hook Elementary, not all human beings use guns effectively and appropriately. 

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2012 GIRC scholarship Recipient

Congratulations to Erica Peña
on receiving the 2013 Greater Irving Republican Club (GIRC) Scholarship Award.

Congratulations to Erica Peña on receiving the 2013 Greater Irving Republican Club (GIRC) Scholarship Award. At their monthly meeting on June 4th, the GIRC awarded a one thousand dollar ($1,000) scholarship to Erica who is a senior at Nimitz High School. The check was presented by Michael Huebner, President, Oscar Ward, Past President, and Linda Harper-Brown, State Representative. This is the fourth year this scholarship has been awarded.

Erica played volleyball at Nimitz for three years and was in the Student Leadership Program and the National Honor Society. She was a volunteer for the Special Olympics and has been accepted and will attend Texas Woman’s University to study Nursing.
The 2013 GIRC Scholarship Topic: Our right to bear arms is under attack. What are the consequences to our country if Americans lose their Second Amendment rights?

The GIRC meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00PM at Spring Creek Barbeque on Airport Freeway. Visitors and guests are always WELCOME!

The requirements for the scholarship were:
• Graduating high school senior
• Resident Citizen of Irving
• Cumulative grade point average of
3.0 or better

The applicants were also required to complete an application that included a teacher recommendation and an original 500 to 600 word essay entitled “Taking Back America, Restoring Her Freedom”.

The GIRC plans to continue to award a scholarship each year to students who reside in the city of Irving.

GIRC's 2013 Scholarship Award recipient, presented to Erica Peña at the June 4th meeting by Mike Huebner, Oscar Ward, and Linda Harper-Brown