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The scenario paints a vivid picture of how easy it will be to corrupt every day law abiding citizens into breaking the law just to protect themselves.  Not only will they be breaking the law, but they will be forced to deal with criminals that could harm them at any point during the transaction.  In essence, laws will still be broken, not only by criminals of today but also by normal, law-abiding citizens purchasing guns for protection, and by corrupted law abiding citizens that have turned to distributing guns as a means of income.

The Second Amendment states that the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.  There are many consequences that Americans will face if the Second Amendment is repealed such as a damaged economy to a nation that is already in recession, and inflation in crime and corruption.  I believe that the biggest consequence will be that our nation’s values and the freedom of the people will be severely damaged leaving the United States of America susceptible to more attacks and tragedies on our home soil.  These attacks will not only come from other countries but from our fellow Americans leaving the perception that we are no longer the unstoppable force we used to be. Instead, we will reflect an image of the enemies that we have so solemnly swore to defend our nation against.

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Congratulations to Erica Peña
on receiving the 2013 Greater Irving Republican Club (GIRC) Scholarship Award.


The people responsible for these massacres along with many other criminals in the United States that are guilty of wrongful use of a gun are the reason why this is even a topic of discussion.  What is really sad about these tragic events is that the media glamorizes these murderers and puts their face on every magazine and news channel for everyone to see.  Very rarely do you hear about an event in which a normal everyday citizen saved their own life or the life of someone else with their personally registered gun.  These heroic events along with the victims of the mass shootings are what the media should be making their reports on, not some irresponsible human being that is looking for attention and getting it in all the wrong ways. I believe that if there were fewer stories about the murderers and more stories about the heroes then many politicians would see the importance of the right to bear arms in our country.  Instead, they contemplate repealing the Second Amendment, putting our economy and safety at risk, and causing an inflation of crime in our communities.

The inflation of crime will come from a rise in demand for guns in the United States because the absence of the Second Amendment does not mean we have to stop wanting guns for protection, but that it is illegal for us to have or purchase them.  This could possibly force law abiding citizens to turn to criminals to purchase illegal weapons for our own protection.  The example below takes place several months after the Second Amendment has been repealed and illustrates a situation that law abiding citizens may be forced to deal with:

Billy is robbed at gun point after withdrawing some of his hard earned cash from his financial institution. Fearing for his life, Billy hands over all his cash, and the criminal runs away. Normally Billy is your everyday law abiding citizen but now he feels that he is not safe without a gun.  Motivated by fear of his life, Billy seeks protection and searches for an illegal gun distributor.  He finds the gun distributor and purchases a pistol illegally.  Billy just broke the law in efforts to provide a peace of mind to himself and his family.